Level IIIA Bullet-Resistant Goggles


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Each lens is capable of resisting a single shot from a .44 Magnum, and fragmentation from airborne devices.


Testing Documentation


Frame Construction


Frames are constructed from a lightweight composite material, incorporating an anti-mist technology and trauma padding to the inner face of the frames. 


Adjustable head strap system is included to reduce weight on bridge of nose.


 All frames have a black matte finish. 


Lens Construction

To Give Unrivalled Optical Clarity

“No Spall” scratch resistant coated polycarbonate internally, combined with external hardened glass lens, fused together with crystal clear, water resistant bonding compound. 


Use of patented adhesive glue to ensure no distortion in vision of glass.   


Additional Options Available:


Protection from laser lights $150


Lens Tint $50 

Level IIIA Goggles

Additional Options

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