• Bullet protection as in accordance with NIJ standard 0101.06 against:

                      9mm FMJ RN
                    .44 magnum JSP

  • Advanced retention system provides even distribution of weight, allowing a more comfortable fit
  • Includes 2 rail adaptors
  • Includes 2 lanyards for stabilization of NVG, with the option to remove
  • Easy locking/unlocking adjustable straps
  • Includes durable, lightweight, NVG shroud, with a smooth finsh to avoid catching on other objects 
  • 12 padded inserts for optimal comfort
  • High-cut, Black
  • Large size weight: 2.85 lbs
  • Head Circumference for sizing:
    • Medium: 21 -22.3 inches
    • Large: 22.4-24 inches


This Level IIIA Helmet uses American Blast Systems' advanced plant and processing techniques to provide enhanced shell protection at a lower weight and with improved comfort. Ballistic protection is offered against a variety of bullets to NIJ Standard 0106.01 and fragment simulated projectiles.

American Blast Systems Advanced Rails and Retention Helmet

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  • Ammo



    9mm FMJ RN


    1430 +/- 30ft/s

    .44 Mag SJHP

    15.6 g/240 gr.

    1430 +/- 30ft/s