Soft Armor


▪ Soft amor: Level IIIA protection against .44 magnum handgun rounds
▪ Encapsulated with Nylon TPU coated fabric

▪ Vacuum sealed to protect against the elements

▪ Tested in accordance with NIJ 0101.04


Design Features

▪ Modular Vest Platform with removable neck and shoulder, throat, upper arm and deltoid protection

▪ Tactical Buckle for easy doffing

▪ Side panel closes on front sides for ease of adjustment

▪ Soft armour protection fitted to front, back and sides

▪ Compatible with front and back hard armour plates

▪ 360°MOLLE webbing coverage for accessory pouches

▪ Full waist and shoulder size adjustment

▪ Heavy Duty Drag Strap facilitates emergency extraction

▪ Single handed Quick Release System for easy detachment

Outer Garment

▪ Outer fabric is high quality 500D PU coated Cordura

▪ Inner fabric is 3-dimensional Air Mesh

▪ Air Mesh has additional air flow channels sewn in

▪ Front panel of Velcro for patch attachment

▪ Computerised BAR tacking for maximum MOLLE strength

▪ High strength Hook & Loop (Velcro) fasteners

Other Features

▪ Garment guaranteed for one year

▪ Soft armour guaranteed for five years

ABS Intervention Vest- Level IIIA

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