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The ABS Armor Shirt is designed for an added layer of lightweight protection to any uniform. Made from breathable material that can be worn with soft armor panels.



• Material: Breathable, antimicrobial moisture wicking material
• Lightweight Design: 30% lighter compared to conventional armor
• Weight: 3.2 lbs for Large shirt w/ LVL IIIA soft armor panels
• Modular ballistic panels are removable for ease of cleaning
• Slim/Low profile for improved agility and range of motion
• Exoskeleton design for articulation in shoulder and deltoid region
• Bicep pocket
• Exclusively licensed with the U.S. Army
• Patent Approved Technology
• Made in the USA


• NIJ Certified 05/06 Level II and IIIA ballistic packages
• NIJ Certified Level 1, 2 and 3 Spike packages available

For pricing and availability or to request more information please email us and a representative will be in touch.

ABS Level IIIA Armor Shirt - Long Sleeve

  • Bicep pocket, Exoskeleton design for articulation in shoulder and deltoid region, Removable modular ballistic panels for easy cleaning, Made in the USA