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Lightweight Level III Rifle Protection

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It’s all about the process and making sure we provide the best overall protection possible. American Blast Systems is the ultimate in light weight ballistic armoring material and has the lightest opaque armor in the industry; it reduces the added weight on a vehicle up to 60% (over traditional steel armoring material), making it the lightest weight armoring system in the world. American Blast Systems level III material is composed of a combination of synthetic fibers and composite technology which is ten times stronger than ballistic steel, pound for pound!

Getting started

At American Blast Systems , we have set ourselves the goal of ascertaining how security can be most effectively achieved through the use of armored ballistic technology in order to maximize personal protection. Equipping a vehicle with armor focuses on substantial protection measures to ensure the maximum security of the individuals who require protection. An increase in security requirements has been noted over the last few years, following attacks on individuals involved principally with politics, economics, the military, and security & relief organizations. Nowadays, threats to individuals can develop anywhere if the necessary protection measures are not implemented. There is, therefore, a need to increase and maximize safety by equipping vehicles with suitable protection measures.




Our qualified staff is on duty 24/7 to provide you with the required support. We believe that one of the most important things in our industry is to be able to offer clients the support they require while utilizing armored vehicles all over the world. We believe that it’s our duty to educate customers on the proper usage of their armored vehicles in order to use them to their full potential and maximize the added value.



The thinnest rifle protection against 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm, 5.56x45mm rounds

Available in thin 4X8 Sheets

LINEX coating offers a barrier

against high salt environments

Protection for:


Government buildings




Rescue vehicles

Embassy and Military installation walls

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What we offer

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Possible areas to secure


Secured cargo room




Passenger room/door

Enforce all or part of your vehicle or vessel