Level IIIA protection


Frames are constructed from a lightweight composite material. 

Each lens is capable of resisting a single shot from a .44 Magnum, and fragmentation from airborne devices.

Head strap system designed to reduce weight on the bridge of the nose.

Use of patented adhesive glue to ensure no distortion in the vision of glass. Full-field of vision. 

“No Spall” scratch-resistant coating. Crystal clear, water-resistant bonding compound.

Ballistic Goggles


These bullet-resistant goggles give unrivaled optical clarity while keeping your eyesight protected. They can be used for various ranges of professions and activities. 

Construction sites

Police, motor police officers



Paintball or other extreme sports

Motorcycle/ATV safety




Automotive industries, Mechanics


There a reported over 800,000 eye injuries occurring in the workplace each year. Protect your eyesight from projectiles, flying debris and dust, bullets, shrapnel, and other dangerous airborne items.  

American Blast Systems

Bullet-Resistant Level IIIA Goggles